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LogoMaker Review

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LogoMaker by Hewlett-Packard online logo design interface begins with Step 1: choosing the type of graphic to include with your logo. First, you choose an industry, after which you choose to view either symbol-based, letter-based or abstract icons. Once your graphic has been chosen you add text, move items around the workspace, make a few color and/or size adjustments and voila! A new business logo is ready to be purchased.

Standout Features

  • A simple user-friendly interface that includes three icon-based theme options
  • Over 10,000 unique icons
  • The ability to save your logo design before purchasing, so you can come back later to edit and modify before making a final decision

Appeal & Flexibility

Much like most of the online logo design interfaces this one is simple and clearly defined. Design progresses through four steps, helping you to choose from the thousands of graphics with a few key icon-based theme choices and navigation is simple and easy. The large numbers of unrelated clip art and graphics, however, did make choosing an option far more difficult. While they are divided into three basic icon-based sections (symbol-, letter-, and abstract-based icons), the choices were unwieldy to manage, with page after page after page of graphics, many of which looked like cheap clip art options.

Design Features

Web-based logo design interfaces are often high on usability but short on flexibility. The LogoMaker interface is no exception. Advanced design features are not available, but the user is able to make important color and size changes to graphics and text as necessary.

Once you select an image, LogoMaker takes you to the design page where you can begin customizing your icon into a unique logo. Click on the icon, then click on the buttons in the left-hand design section to change the angle, size, color and other features of the icon.

With many icons, you can change colors for just one portion of the icon. You can also add up to two lines of text and customize it so that it fits perfectly with your icon, including the location of the text as well as the angle, size, color and font style of the text.

Output Options

A unique element of this web interface is the ability to “try a web logo” for free. The interface allows you to download a web-only version of your logo at no cost. If you decide that you require a high-resolution version of your logo at a later date, you pay a small service fee and you can then download the file in several formats including JPG and TIFF.

Ease of Use

Not only is the LogoMaker interface fairly simple to use, it also has “on board” help for those with little or no computer-savvy genes available. The “How do I” menu pops up on the left side of the interface once you start the design process, making it easy to get animated walkthroughs of most major features and functions.

Help & Support

The on-board “How do I” help feature is most likely the only help anyone will need navigating this user-friendly interface. But in case you need more help, there are also online FAQs available, videos and demos, and an 800 number for additional questions.


Relatively speaking the LogoMaker interface is a good bargain. The cost for a high-resolution custom graphic is low enough to meet the needs of even the most frugal business owner, while allowing for a myriad of custom graphics to suit most everyone’s needs. While the interface navigation is very user-friendly, the large database of clipart-type icons was overwhelming, making choosing an appropriate option more difficult. Once a user gets past the numerous options and makes a graphic choice, however, it is smooth sailing, with very professional looking results.